Our Tattoo and Body Piercing Family

  1. Executive Director
    Dale Johnson
    Owner/ Tattoo Artist/ Body Piercer
    Dale started his career at Southern Maryland Tattoos. After 2.5 years he moved to Knoxville Tennessee and opened Mythical Markings in March of 1996.
  2. Executive Director
    Chris Johnson
    Tattoo Artist
    Chris started and completed his apprenticeship here at Mythical Markings.
  3. Executive Director
    Teejei Brigham
    Tattoo Artist
    Teejei comes to Mythical Markings from Nashville, where she studied tattooing under the renowned custom tattoo artist Brandon Hanna.
  4. Executive Director
    Jon Goad
    Tattoo Artist/ Body Piercer
  5. Executive Director
    Karley Collins
    Tattoo Artist Apprentice
    Karley began her apprenticeship here at Mythical Markings under Dale Johnson in April 2017.
  6. Executive Director
    Indiana Laine
  7. Executive Director
    Jacqueline Johnson
  8. Executive Director
    Isaac Ortiz-Riendeau
    Tattoo Artist/ Body Piercer
Tattoos by Dale
Tattoos by Chris
Tattoos by Teejei
Tattoos by Jon
Tattoos by Isaac
Tattoos by Karley